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Creating a task to publish a link to a QlikView document in the Qlik Sense hub

You can create a link to a QlikView document in the Qlik Sense hub by using the QMC.

Note: QlikView documents in the Qlik Sense hub only support interactions using the Ajax client.

Before you begin

To publish a link to a QlikView document in Qlik Sense you need a QlikView Server setup with a connection to an Active Directory and source documents.

Configuring the QlikView Management Console

You must configure QlikView Web Server Access Point to connect with the Qlik Sense machine.

Do the following:

  1. Click the System tab.
  2. In the QlikView Web Server folder, open the current QlikView Web Server machine.
  3. On the Access Point tab, click Server Connections.
  4. Using the drop-down menu, change the name of the QlikView web server from local to the machine name.

Publishing a link to a QlikView document

Do the following task in the QlikView Management Console to publish a link to a document: 

  1. Click the Documents tab.
  2. The Source Document page opens.

    Note: Only source documents can be published.
  3. Expand a QDS instance and locate the document you want to share.
  4. Click Plus icon to create a new task.
  5. On the Distribute tab, click Plus icon to add a recipient.
  6. Select the Named User user type.
  7. Click Add users icon to add a user.
  8. Note: The named user must be part of the Active Directory user group in both QlikView and Qlik Sense.
  9. On the Document Information tab click Plus icon to add an attribute.
  10. Type ShowInSenseHub in the Name field and true in the Value field.
  11. Click Apply.

    The task may be run and will now add a link to the QlikView document on the Qlik Sense hub.

Viewing QlikView documents in the Qlik Sense hub

Do the following:

  1. Log in to the Qlik Sense hub using the same credentials as the named user with whom the QlikView document was shared.
  2. From the hub, click QlikView documents.
  3. Click a link to a document to open the QlikView AccessPoint in a new window.
Note: QlikView documents cannot be deleted from the Qlik Sense hub.