Network security

For all Qlik Sense components to communicate with each other in a secure way, they need to build trust.

In Qlik Sense, all communication between the Qlik Sense services and clients is based on web protocols. The web protocols use Transport Layer Security (TLS) for encryption and exchange of information and keys and certificates for authentication of the communicating parties.

TLS provides a way to build encrypted tunnels between identified servers or services. The parties that communicate are identified using certificates. Each tunnel needs two certificates; one to prove to the client that it is communicating with the right server and one to prove to the server that the client is allowed to communicate with the server.

So, how to make sure that the certificates are from the same Qlik Sense trust zone? All certificates that belong to a trust zone are signed with the same signature. If the signature exists in the certificate, it is accepted as proof that the certificate belongs to the trust zone.

When the protected tunnels and the correct certificates are in place, the Qlik Sense services have a trust zone to operate within. Within the trust zone, only services that belong to the specific Qlik Sense site can communicate with each other.

The Qlik Sense clients are considered to be outside of the Qlik Sense trust zone because they often run on less trusted end-user devices. The Qlik Sense Proxy Service (QPS) can bridge the two zones and allow communication between the clients and the Qlik Sense services, if the user is authenticated to the system.

TLS-protected tunnels can be used to secure the communication between the Qlik Sense clients and the QPS. As the clients are outside of the Qlik Sense trust zone, the communication between the clients and the QPS uses a certificate with a different signature than the one used within the trust zone.

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