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Managing data connections and extensions

Data connections

Data connections enable you to select and load data from a data source. All data connections are managed centrally from the QMC. Data connections are created in the Qlik Sense data load editor. The user who creates a data connection automatically becomes the owner of that connection and is by default the only user who can access the data connection. The data connection can be shared with others through security rules defined in the QMC.

When you import an app developed on Qlik Sense Desktop, existing data connections are imported to the QMC. When you export an app from a server, existing data connections are not exported with the app.

Примечание: If the name of a data connection in the imported app is the same as the name of an existing data connection, the data connection will not be imported. This means that the imported app will use the existing data connection with an identical name, not the data connection in the imported app.

Analytic connections

Аналитические подключения служат для интеграции внешних инструментов анализа с платформой Business Discovery. Аналитические подключения расширяют спектр выражений, доступных для использования в скриптах загрузки и диаграммах, за счет привлечения внешнего модуля вычислений (в этом случае модуль вычислений выступает в качестве серверного расширения (SSE)). К примеру, можно создать аналитическое подключение к R и применять статистические выражения в ходе загрузки данных.


Extensions can be several different things: A widget library, a custom theme, or a visualization extension, used to visualize data, for example, in an interactive map where you can select different regions.