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Troubleshooting - Navigating and interacting with Qlik Sense

This section describes problems that can occur when navigating in and interacting with Qlik Sense.

Small screen device

Possible cause  

You are using a device with a very small screen (480 pixels wide or smaller).

Proposed action  

Open the app from a computer or a device with a larger screen.

For more information, see Explorando aplicativos em uma tela pequena.

I cannot re-order items in app overview

I want to move sheets or stories in app overview but it is not possible.

Possible cause  

You are using the mouse on a hybrid device.

Proposed action  

Realize uma das seguintes ações:

  • Turn touch device support off in the global menu (¨).
  • Hold the mouse button pressed for a while before moving the slide.
  • Alternatively, use the touch screen instead and move the item by long-touch and drag.

The reading order is incorrect in my shared chart

The reading order in a shared chart has changed. For example, I shared a chart displaying right-to-left reading order, but now the reading order is left-to-right in my shared chart.

Possible cause  

The reading order setting has been changed in the app after the chart was shared.

Proposed action  

Make sure the correct reading order is turned on in the app styling settings, in the app the chart is shared from. For more information, see Ativar ordem de leitura da direita para a esquerda.