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Server security

Qlik Sense uses the server operating system to gain access to resources. The operating system provides a security system that controls the use of the server resources (for example, storage, memory, and CPU). Qlik Sense uses the security system controls to protect its resources (for example, files, memory, processes, and certificates) on the server.

Through the use of access control, the security system grants access to Qlik Sense files (for example, log files, database files, certificates, and apps) only to certain users on the server.

The security system also protects the server memory, so that only authorized processes are allowed to write to the Qlik Sense part of the memory.

In addition, the security system is responsible for assigning users to processes. This is used to restrict who is allowed to interact with the Qlik Sense processes on the server. The processes are also restricted in terms of which parts of the operating system they are allowed to access.

So, by using the controls in the security system, a secure and protected environment can be configured for the Qlik Sense processes and files.