Planning your deployment

To successfully plan and prepare for your Qlik Sense deployment, do the following:

System requirements for Qlik Sense

Check that your environment fulfills the system requirements.


Check that the required ports are available on your system.

지원되는 브라우저

Check that your browsers are supported.


Understand the Qlik Sense architecture, and the different node types.


Understand the persistence model used by Qlik Sense.


Understand the Qlik Sense services.

User accounts

Understand and set up the various user accounts required to install and run the Qlik Sense services.

If you intend to run Qlik Sense services as a user without administrator privileges, some additional configuration steps are required.

Creating a file share

Create a file share to store your Qlik Sense application data.


Understand how Qlik Sense uses certificates for security. Certificates are installed by default.


Understand how Qlik Sense uses license keys and LEF for site licensing.

Understand how Qlik Sense uses tokens for user access allocation (token-based licensing).

Ensure that you have your Qlik Sense license key available.

Qlik Sense installation

Once you have reviewed and completed these items, you are ready to install Qlik Sense.