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Converting a QlikView document into a Qlik Sense app

If you have a QlikView document, you can reuse part of your work in Qlik Sense. The load script and data model can be used to create an app in Qlik Sense. Visualizations, dimensions and measures, however, have to be created in Qlik Sense.

After converting the document to an app, you may need to adapt the load script to be able to reload the script in Qlik Sense. In some cases, you may need to make some changes in the QlikView script before you convert the document.

Qlik Sense provides a tool to help convert a QlikView document (QVW file) to a Qlik Sense app. The tool converts visualizations, dimensions, measures, and variables. You must have access to the Dev Hub To use the QlikView to Qlik Sense converter.

Instructions for how to use the converter tool are provided on the Qlik Sense Developer site.

If you do not have access to the Dev Hub, you can convert a QlikView document manually.

To learn more about converting QlikView documents, see Manually converting a QlikView document into a Qlik Sense app.

경고: We recommend that you make changes only in a duplicate of any app that you convert, so that your changes are not overwritten by a later conversion.