Exit codes

Exit codes can be particularly useful when using the silent mode operations. The exit code can be viewed in the command prompt window by using the following command:

Echo %errorlevel%

The following table contains a complete list of the exit codes.

Code Description
0 Success
-1 General fatal error
-2 Command line parsing error
-3 Not implemented error
-4 Downgrade
-5 Malformed bundle XML
-6 Install condition not met
-7 Unknown upgrade scenario
-8 Pending reboot must be applied first
-9 Patch run with no baseline installed
-10 Disallowed setup process running
-11 Unsupported minor upgrade error
-12 Invalid policy
-13 User validation failed
-14 Database superuser password validation error
-15 Not supported error
-16 Host name from certificate retrieval error
-17 Inconsistent upgrade
-18 General silent workflow error
-19 OS bitness not supported
-20 OS too old
-21 OS type not supported
-22 Patch is superseded
-23 General MSI Error
-24 Disabled services exist
-1335 CAB is corrupt
-1601 Disk space
-1602 User exit
-1923 Cannot install service
-7777 Unknown dark process exception