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Presenting stories

While building your story you can see how looks and behaves for an audience, by playing it. It will occupy the whole browser view. You can see what your snapshots, live data sheets, texts, shapes, and visual effects look like.

If your audience asks questions, you can access the live data of your snapshots and your live data sheets. This way, you can find hidden stories to present, steering your story to new directions.

You can play a story as it would be presented to an audience. There are controls for you to navigate back and forth through the slides. On a slide with a live data sheet inserted, you must first click the sheet before you can start making selections in it.

Entering play

Haga lo siguiente:

  • In storytelling view, click Arrow right Play story.

The story is opened in is ready to play starting with the current slide.

Nota de sugerenciaYou can also start playing a story by right-clicking it in the app overview or the story navigator, and selecting Play from the shortcut menu.
Nota informativaOn a touch device you can zoom in and out on the slide by using the pinch touch gesture. When you zoom in, you cannot make selections in live data sheets.

Showing data point information

Haga lo siguiente:

  • Hover over a data point to display a tool tip with data point information.

Interacting with a live data sheet

To interact and make selections in a live data sheet you need to click somewhere on the sheet first.

Haga lo siguiente:

  • Click on the live data sheet.

You can now make selection in the sheet.

Nota informativaYou disable the possibility to make selections by clicking outside the live data sheet, or by navigating to another slide.

For more information, see Selecting in a live data sheet.

Downloading stories

Haga lo siguiente:

  1. Click More at the bottom of the slide.
  2. Click Export and select your format.

For more information, see Descargar una historia.

Closing play

Haga lo siguiente:

  • To close play either click Cancel or press Esc.

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