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Get startedAdminister Qlik Sense® Enterprise SaaS - Government (US)

This onboarding page provide instructions, best practices, and videos to quickly ready administrators for Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS - Government (US).

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Enjoy the convenience of a SaaS solution by letting Qlik manage the infrastructure.

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS - Government (US) is built on a highly-scalable, cloud-native architecture that empowers organizations to quickly deploy a complete range of analytics, massively scaling users and data without compromising performance, trust, or governance standards.

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS - Government (US) has differences from Qlik’s commercial Qlik Cloud offering due to approval activity required to support U.S. Public sector security and compliance.

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If you’re familiar with deploying and administering other SaaS enterprise applications, you’ll quickly understand the Qlik Sense processes and tools.

If you’re new to the administrator role, this page is your first step to success.

7 minutes

The following videos introduce you to common tenant admin tasks.

Many of the actions related to apps and spaces are self-service, available to users from the hub. This means that those administration tasks can be performed by users themselves and do not require admin help. Permissions determine what actions a user can perform.

3 minutes

Managing users

Add users via an identity provider, or via email invites with a registration process, and subsequent user management.

4 minutes

Managing spaces

Spaces are for app development and access control. Personal spaces for private work, shared spaces for co-development, and managed spaces for strict access control. Permissions define access for space members.

2 minutes

Managing apps

Work with apps: upload, publish, change owner, and move apps between spaces.

2 minutes

Managing reload schedules

Apps in the cloud hub do not automatically update when their data sources are updated. Reload manually or schedule a reload.

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