Configure SMTP Server

Qlik NPrinting can distribute your reports by attaching them to email messages. First, you need to set SMTP parameters, including outgoing mail server address, port number, and user name and password if the server requires authentication.

Email settings

Do the following:

  1. From the top menu, click on Admin, and then select Settings.
  2. Click Email settings.
  3. Enter a name and description for the email settings.

  4. Enter the address of the outgoing SMTP mail server in the Address text box.
  5. Enter the port number.
  6. Select the check box for:
    • Use TLS (transport layer security) if your SMTP server requires you to use Transport Layer Security. The default ports are 25 and 587.
    • Use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) if your SMTP server requires the whole session to be encrypted using SSL. The default port is 465.

  7. Specify the Username and Password required for authentication.
  8. Configure the Default sender email address to use when sending email messages.


    If you want to configure custom sender addresses, your SMTP server settings must allow users to send emails using email addresses other than their assigned email address.

  9. Enter a Test email address and click Send test email to verify that the SMTP configuration works. An email with a time stamp is sent to the specified address to confirm.
  10. Click Update email settings.