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Getting started using Qlik Sense



Getting started using Qlik Sense

Get off to a good start by learning Qlik Sense fundamentals. The first step is understanding Qlik's associative selection model. Then, you can learn and test yourself on the Qlik Sense essentials with our tutorials.

Qlik Sense fundamentals

Qlik Sense at a glance

How you use Qlik Sense depend on your needs and your role.

The associative selection model (video)

Making selections is the main interaction method in Qlik Sense. See what that looks like in this video.

Tutorial - Beginning with the Basics

Learn how Qlik Sense works, how to make selections, and how to interpret the results.

This tutorial takes you through the following subjects:

  • Qlik Sense overview
  • Apps
  • Measures and dimensions
  • Selections

Create a basic app

Creating your first app

To start, you can visit this topic to build a basic app using sample data.

Tutorial - Building an App

If you have more time, this tutorial takes you through the following subjects:

  • Data loading
  • App design
  • Visualization creation
  • Reuse of visualizations, dimensions and measures
  • Data storytelling

See how to build an app

This video complements the Building an app tutorial.