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Insight Advisor analysis types

Insight Advisor provides results using a wide range of analysis types. These analysis types provide best practice visualizations when generating insights.

Different analysis types are used depending on the inputs of the query and the characteristics of your data. The following table describes the analysis types. Not all conditions for each analysis type are listed. The Qlik cognitive engine determines the best analysis type for your query depending on the available data.

Analysis types
Analysis type Description Dimensions Measures Charts
Fact Specific aggregated totals. - 1-2 KPI
Values List of specified dimensions and measures values as a table. 0-10 0-10 Table
Rank Ranking of dimension values by a measure, with optional grouping. 1-2 1

Bar chart

Pivot table

Breakdown Breakdown of a measure by multiple dimensions. 2-3 1


Bar chart


Map distribution Breakdown of measures by multiple geographic dimensions. 1-2 1-2 Map
Overview Overview of a measure by multiple dimensions. 1-2 1 Distribution plot
Contribution Provides a rank with a cumulative contribution (Pareto chart). 1 1 Combo chart
Year-to-date Breakdown of a measure (this year from last year) by a dimension. 1 1 Bar chart
Trend Performance of a measure over time, optionally broken down by a dimension with low cardinality. 1 date/time dimension and optionally 1 other dimension 1-3 Line chart
Process control chart Provides an indication of a measures performance over time relative to the mean (sigma). 1 date/time dimension 1 Line chart
Comparison Compare two measures over a dimension. 1 2

Scatter plot

Combo chart

Correlation Provides the relative correlation between 2 measures over up to 2 optional dimensions. 0-2 2


Distribution plot

Cluster (K-Means) Provide a comparison between 2 measures over a dimension while clustering the results with KMeans. 1 2 Scatter plot