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Creating a master dimension from the data model viewer


Creating a master dimension from the data model viewer

When you are working with an unpublished app, you can create master dimensions so that they can be reused. Users of a published app will have access to the master dimensions, but will not be able to modify them. The data model viewer is not available in a published app.

Do the following:

  1. In the data model viewer, select a field and open the Preview panel.

  2. Click Add as dimension.

    The Create new dimensions dialog opens, with the selected field. The name of the selected field is also used as the default name of the dimension.

  3. Change the name if you want to, and optionally add a description, color, and tags.

  4. Click Create.
  5. Click Done to close the dialog.

The dimension is now saved to the master items tab of the assets panel.

Tip: You can quickly add several dimensions as master items by clicking Add dimension after adding each dimension. Click Done when you have finished.
Note: Direct Discovery tables are indicated by Direct Discovery Field in the data model viewer.

For more formation, see Designing visualizations with Direct Discovery.

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