Troubleshooting - Discover

This section describes problems that can occur when discovering and analyzing in Qlik Sense.

My search does not produce any results

Possible cause  

You have locked selections.

Proposed action  

Unlock the selections and then perform a new search.

Do the following:

  1. Click on the selection with Locked.
  2. Click Locked to unlock.
  3. Perform a new search.

My search using insight advisor does not produce any results

Possible cause  

You are searching for a field which is not a master item.

Proposed action  

Search for a master item instead. Additionally you can use smart search to find fields which are not master items.

Incomplete visualization

A visualization is not displayed, instead an error message Incomplete visualization is displayed.

Possible cause  

The visualization contains data fields that you do not have access to.

Proposed action  

Contact your Qlik Sense administrator to see if you can get access to the omitted data fields, to be able to use the visualization.

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