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Resizing items on a slide


Resizing items on a slide

You can resize an item on a slide by using its resizing handles. When you resize items such as images and text titles, they keep their aspect ratio. Paragraph texts and certain shapes can be resized more freely, both horizontally and vertically.

Snapshots can be resized in two different ways:

  • Locked: keeping the aspect ratio.
  • Unlocked: allowing free resizing and progressive disclosure.

    Note: Progressive disclosure means the following: If the size of a visualization (or a unlocked snapshot) is increased, its information is disclosed progressively. If the size of a visualization (or a unlocked snapshot) is decreased, its information is reduced, which allows you to focus on the essential information and avoid cluttering the visualization with too much information in too little space.

Resizing in general

Do the following:

  1. In storytelling view, click on the item you want to resize.

  2. Drag one of the resizing handles to resize the item.

    The item snaps to the grid.

  3. Release the resizing handle.

The item is resized.