Interacting with visualizations

You make selections by clicking and drawing in the different visualizations. When you make a selection, all associated visualizations are updated immediately to reflect the selection. You confirm the selection by clicking  , or by clicking anywhere on the sheet outside the visualization, including in another visualization, (in which case you generate a new selection). You can also press Enter to confirm.

You cancel a selection by clicking E. You can also press Esc to undo.

By default, new selections in a visualization are added to the previous ones. You deselect an item by clicking it. On a computer, you can hold down Ctrl while you make a selection, to automatically clear previous selections in a visualization, and only keep the new selection.

Selection preview

The following images show how the visualizations are updated immediately when a selection is made.

No selection

Sheet view with no selections made.

Sheet view with two filter panes, one bar chart and one treemap, without any selections.

A selection is made

In this image, a selection is made (in the filter pane Region) and is reflected in all associated visualizations.

A selection made in the Region filter pane.

Sheet view with two filter panes, one bar chart and one treemap. One selection made.

A second selection is made

In this image, a second selection is made (in the bar chart Total Sales). It automatically confirms the first selection and presents a preview of the new selection.

A second selection has been made in the bar chart Total Sales.

Sheet view with two filer panes, one bar chart and a treemap. Two selections has been made.

Note: When making selections in filter panes there is a difference between Cancel selection (E) and Clear selection (:). With Eyou only clear the latest selection, but : clears all selections.

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