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The add prefix can be added to any LOAD, SELECT or map...using statement in the script. It is only relevant during partial reloads.

Note: Partial reload is currently only supported by using the Qlik Engine JSON API.


Add [only] (loadstatement | selectstatement | mapstatement)


During a partial reload the Qlik Sense table, for which a table name is generated by the add LOAD/add SELECT statement (provided such a table exists), will be appended with the result of the add LOAD/add SELECT statement. No check for duplicates is performed. Therefore, a statement using the add prefix will normally include either a distinct qualifier or a where clause guarding duplicates. The map...using statement causes mapping to take place also during partial script execution.


Argument Description
only An optional qualifier denoting that the statement should be disregarded during normal (non-partial) reloads.