QvdFieldName - script function

This script function returns the name of field number fieldno, if it exists in a QVD file (otherwise NULL).


QvdFieldName(filename , fieldno)


Argument Description

The name of a QVD file, if necessary including path, as a folder or web data connection.

Example: 'lib://Table Files/'

In legacy scripting mode, the following path formats are also supported:

  • absolute

    Example: c:\data\

  • relative to the Qlik Sense app working directory.

    Example: data\

  • URL address (HTTP or FTP), pointing to a location on the Internet or an intranet.

    Example: http://www.qlik.com

fieldno The number of the field (0 based) within the table contained in the QVD file.


QvdFieldName ('MyFile.qvd', 3)

QvdFieldName ('C:\MyDir\MyFile.qvd', 5)

QvdFieldName ('lib://data\MyFile.qvd', 5)

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