Opening an app

You can open an app from the hub by clicking it. You can also open an app without data, or import an app that is not in the hub.

Opening an app without data

In some cases, you may want to open an app without loading its data, for example when there are large amounts of data that would take a long time to load.

When you open an app without data, visualizations will not work, as they are not connected to the data source. Additionally, the data manager and the data model viewer will not be available.

Do the following:

  • Long-touch/right-click the app in the hub and select Open without data from the shortcut menu.

The app opens, and you can access the data load editor to update the load script, and view or work with the layout of sheets and stories.

You can work with the layout of sheets and stories, to reorganize the content, for example, but you will only see representations of the visualizations. You cannot update measures or dimensions. You can make changes to the data load script, if you want to. Once you run the script in the data load editor successfully, the app visualizations will work as intended and will be ready to be used for data analysis.


Opening an app that is not in the hub

You can open apps that you have received from someone else, downloaded from Qlik Sense Cloud, or copied from Qlik Sense Desktop. You need to import the app before you can open it. You import the app in Qlik Management Console (QMC).

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