What’s new in Qlik Sense September 2018?

Augmented intelligence

Insight advisor

The insight advisor has been extended to all users of Qlik Sense apps, including consumers of published apps. Users can search and generate insights on master items.

Creating visualizations from your data using insight advisor

Advanced authoring

Improvements to sheet control

App customization

App developers can disable responsive layout for sheets and set a custom size in pixels. Your dashboard will be presented to users exactly as you create it. This feature is not supported in mobile device mode.

Structuring an app using sheets

Expression editor enhancements

  • Direct links are provided to the Qlik Sense help page from expression functions.
  • Improved categorization of functions.
  • Improved search makes it easier to find field names, functions and variables.

Expression editor

Working with the expression editor

Better control in visualizations

Visualizations and mapping

New map layer

Density layer is a multi-color gradient map background where the color intensity depends on the weight and closeness of points. This layer is useful, for example, for mapping data such as crime statistics and house values on a neighborhood level.


Map improvements

  • Adaptive pixel zoom and pan to optimize performance when browsing dense maps.
  • Default colors for added layers. Each new layer has an independent color picked from palette.
  • KML files with geographic line data can now be loaded and rendered.
  • Field labels for size and width make legends and pop-ups easier to read.


Improvements to back end work flow

Multiple apps can be moved between streams in the QMC. This builds on the functionality released in the Qlik Sense Enterprise April 2018, where single apps could be moved between streams.

Moving published apps between streams in QMC

Open source front end framework upgraded to version 1.6.9, which provides better stability and compatibility.

Using AngularJS in visualization extensions


Access to Qlik Sense Enterprise is now supported in AirWatch EMM (Enterprise Mobile Management) environments using the Safari, Chrome or VMware browser.

Connecting to Qlik Sense using AirWatch

Qlik connectors

We continue to expand connectivity options.

  • Native connectivity added to MS Azure QSL DB, with tested and supported integration.
  • Azure SQL database

  • The JIRA connector is released to GA from beta.
  • JIRA

  • Enhanced security for LDAP authentication, which is built into the QlikODBC Connector. This improves customer experience and time to value, with industry recognized encryption and authentication standards.
  • Create a Presto connection