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Money# - script and chart function

Money#() converts a text string to a money value, in the format set in the load script or the operating system, unless a format string is supplied. Custom decimal and thousand separator symbols are optional parameters.


Money#(text[, format[, dec_sep [, thou_sep ] ] ])

Return data type: dual


Argument Description

The text string to be evaluated.


String describing the expected input format to use when converting the string to a numeric interval.

If omitted, the money format set in the operating system is used.

dec_sep String specifying the decimal number separator. If omitted, the MoneyDecimalSep value set in the data load script is used.
thou_sep String specifying the thousands number separator. If omitted, the MoneyThousandSep value set in the data load script is used.

The money# function generally behaves just like the num# function but takes its default values for decimal and thousand separator from the script variables for money format or the system settings for currency.