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Media library

The media library contains the images you can use in your app: in text & image visualizations, on story slides, and as thumbnails for apps, sheets, and stories. 

The media library in Qlik Sense with the preview of one of the default images.

Media library view

A: Folders

The folders in the media library.

Folder options
UI item Description
In app The images in the app. You can delete images.
Default  The default images are managed from the Qlik Management Console.

If a new content library is shared through security rules defined in the Qlik Management Console, the library and its images becomes a part of the media library.

B: List of images

A list of the images in the selected part of the media library.

C: Preview

A preview of the selected image.

D: Upload media

Click Upload media to upload a new image.

For more information, see Uploading image files to media library.

E: Cancel

Click Cancel to close the media library dialog.

F: Insert

Click Insert to use the selected image.

G: Delete

Click Delete to delete the selected image.

For more information, see Deleting image files from media library.

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