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Loading data from Qlik DataMarket

You can add data from external sources with Qlik DataMarket.

Qlik DataMarket offers an extensive collection of up-to-date and ready-to-use data from external sources accessible directly from within Qlik Sense. Qlik DataMarket provides current and historical weather and demographic data, currency exchange rates, as well as business, economic and societal data.

Qlik DataMarket also offers data sets from the Eurostat database, including Database by themes, Tables by themes, Tables on EU policy, and Cross cutting topics.

Some Qlik DataMarket data is available for free. Data packages marked Premium are available for a subscription fee.

Before you can use Qlik DataMarket data, you must accept the terms and conditions for its use. Also, if you have purchased a license for premium data packages, you must enter your access credentials to use data in those packages. Once access credentials have been applied, the premium data is labeled Licensed.

If you accept the terms and conditions but do not enter a license for any of the premium data packages, the premium packages have a Purchase button next to them that enables you to buy a license. The Purchase button replaces the Premium label.

For more information, see Activating the Qlik DataMarket license.

Information noteIt is not necessary to accept Qlik DataMarket terms and conditions when using Qlik Sense Desktop. Access credentials are also not required because the premium data sets are not available on Qlik Sense Desktop.
Warning noteThe DataMarket user interface can be blocked by browser extensions, such as Privacy Badger, that block ads and enhance privacy. This occurs if the extension mistakes DataMarket’s communications for user-tracking by a third party. If you encounter this, you can access DataMarket by excluding your Qlik Sense site from the list of blocked sites in the browser extension that blocks DataMarket.

Qlik DataMarket data can be examined separately or integrated with your own data. Augmenting internal data with Qlik DataMarket can often lead to richer discoveries. For more information, see Integrating corporate data with DataMarket data.

Qlik DataMarket data is current with the source from which it is derived. The frequency with which source data is updated varies. Weather and market data is typically updated at least once a day, while public population statistics are usually updated annually. Most macro-economic indicators, such as unemployment, price indexes and trade, are published monthly. All updates usually become available in Qlik DataMarket within the same day.

Data selections in Qlik Sense are persistent so that the latest available data is loaded from Qlik DataMarket whenever the data model is reloaded.

Most Qlik DataMarket data is both global and country-specific. For example, world population data is available for 200+ countries and territories. In addition, Qlik DataMarket provides various data for states and regions within the United States and European countries.

To learn more about adding data, see Adding data from Qlik DataMarket.