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Adding data from Qlik Catalog Service

Qlik Catalog has the ability to ingest, profile, refine, catalog, and publish data stored within QVD files.

A Qlik Sense user can take advantage of Qlik Catalog's ability to organize and find QVD files using Qlik Catalog for QVDs, without leaving the Qlik Sense environment. Easily find and select QVDs from within Qlik Sense data manager. No need to navigate complex folder hierarchies or rely on file naming conventions.

Information noteYou need to have access to Qlik Catalog to use Qlik Catalog Service and to view the QVD catalog from within the Qlik Sense data manager.

Catalog service

Qlik Catalog Service offers immediate insight and actions for QVDs across the data ecosystem, accessible directly from within Qlik Sense.

  • KPI framework measuring QVDs against Operational, Size, and Popularity metrics.
  • Search and filter your data.
  • Show information about Row count, Field count, Last load, Relative path, Source, Tags and KPI Scoring Detail

Integrating Qlik Catalog

For more information on how to configure the integration of the Qlik Catalog with Qlik Sense Enterprise see Integrating Qlik Catalog with Qlik Sense Enterprise

Using Qlik Catalog Service in Qlik Sense Enterprise

You can add QVD data available in Qlik Catalog Service to your app quickly through the Data manager, see Adding data to the app

Qlik Catalog Service view in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows

Catalog view

To learn more about Qlik Catalog, see What is Qlik Catalog?