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Setting logical model scope with packages


Setting logical model scope with packages

Packages enable you to define and limit the scope of insights for specific areas of interest in your logical model.

A package is a collection of related groups. When you define a package, the scope of Insight Advisor results using those groups will be limited to those in the package. Groups can belong to multiple packages. Logical model packages are created and managed in Packages.

For example, your data model may contain tables from separate business areas. If there are connections between the tables, a date field from Sales might be used in an Insights chart with a date field from Support. By putting Sales groups and Support groups into separate packages, you could ensure that insights for those business areas only use fields in the associated package.

The use of packages is optional. If you define no packages, then all fields and groups are considered to be in the same package for analysis.

You can edit or delete packages by clicking and selecting Edit or Delete.

Creating packages

  1. Click Create package.
  2. Enter a package name.
  3. Add groups to the package from Available groups.
  4. Click Create.