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Creating apps


Creating apps

A Qlik Sense app is a collection of reusable data items (measures, dimensions, and visualizations), sheets and stories. It is a self-contained entity that includes data in a structured data model for analysis.

The purpose of an app is to let you and others make data discoveries and decisions using data visualizations and making selections.

The foundation of an app is a collection of reusable data items. The structure and visuals is a collection of sheets and stories.

Building blocks of an app.


Data load script

You use a data load script to load data into the app. The script connects to a data source (database, Excel sheet, etc.) and retrieves the data.

For more information, see Using the data load editor.

Data model

The loaded data is structured in a data model. You edit the data load script and reload the data to build the data model you find is best suitable for your app.

For more information, see Viewing the data model.


Measures are calculations and expressions for use in visualizations.

Measures are calculations for use in visualizations. Measures are created from an expression composed of aggregation functions, such as Sum or Max, combined with one or several fields.

For more information, see Measures and Using expressions in visualizations.


Dimensions are fields for use in visualizations. Dimensions determine how the data in a visualization is grouped - for example total sales per country or number of products per supplier.

For more information, see Dimensions and Fields.

Structure and visuals


Sheets include data visualizations, such as charts and tables. You create a structure in the app by grouping visualizations with different purposes on different sheets.

For more information, see Structuring an app using sheets and Creating visualizations.


Bookmarks are shortcuts to a certain set of selections on a particular sheet.

For more information, see Bookmarking selections.


Stories are based on snapshots of visualizations. You present your data by creating a story that guides you to new insights by combining snapshots of data at specific times and selection states.

For more information, see Data storytelling.

More about apps

The app makes it possible for people to create new visualizations based on any questions they might have, for example by using dimensions and measures that are defined in the app, thus further developing the app for personal use or to share with others.

Whoever creates an app is automatically designated as its owner. An app can be re-used, modified and shared with others, depending on access rights. Different actions can be carried out depending on if the app is published or not.

Note: The .qvf file format is a proprietary format.
Note: In Qlik Sense Desktop, apps are typically stored in <user>\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps, as <Appname>.qvf, where <Appname> is the name of the app. If you rename an app in Qlik Sense Desktop, the .qvf is not updated.