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MapSubstring - script function

The MapSubstring script function is used to map parts of any expression to a previously loaded mapping table. The mapping is case sensitive and non-iterative, and substrings are mapped from left to right.


MapSubstring('map_name', expression)


Return data type: string


Argument Description

The name of a mapping table previously read by a mapping load or a mapping select statement. The name must be enclosed by single straight quotation marks.

Warning: If you use this function in a macro expanded variable and refer to a mapping table that does not exist, the function call fails and a field is not created.
expression The expression whose result is to be mapped by substrings.


In this example we load a list of product models. Each model has a set of attributes that are described by a composite code. Using the mapping table with MapSubstring, we can expand the attribute codes to a description.

map2: mapping LOAD * Inline [ AttCode, Attribute R, Red Y, Yellow B, Blue C, Cotton P, Polyester S, Small M, Medium L, Large ] ; Productmodels: LOAD *, MapSubString('map2', AttCode) as Description Inline [ Model, AttCode Twixie, R C S Boomer, B P L Raven, Y P M Seedling, R C L SeedlingPlus, R C L with hood Younger, B C with patch MultiStripe, R Y B C S/M/L ] ; // We don't need the AttCode anymore Drop Field 'AttCode';


The resulting table looks like this:

Model Description
Twixie Red Cotton Small
Boomer Blue Polyester Large
Raven Yellow Polyester Medium
Seedling Red Cotton Large
SeedlingPlus Red Cotton Large with hood
Younger Blue Cotton with patch
MultiStripe Red Yellow Blue Cotton Small/Medium/Large

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