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lastworkdate - script and chart function

The lastworkdate function returns the earliest ending date to achieve no_of_workdays (Monday-Friday) if starting at start_date taking into account any optionally listed holiday. start_date and holiday should be valid dates or timestamps. 


lastworkdate(start_date, no_of_workdays {, holiday})

Return data type: dual


Argument Description
start_date The start date to evaluate.
no_of_workdays The number of working days to achieve.

Holiday periods to exclude from working days. A holiday period is stated as a start date and an end date, separated by commas.

Example: '25/12/2013', '26/12/2013'

You can specify more than one holiday period, separated by commas.

Example: '25/12/2013', '26/12/2013', '31/12/2013', '01/01/2014'

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