Troubleshooting Qlik Sense using logs

Troubleshooting may be needed when Qlik Sense does not behave as expected (for example, if the system responds with an error message that needs further investigation or does not respond at all when an error occurs).

The log messages produced by Qlik Sense provide important information that can be used to detect security incidents, operational problems, and policy violations.

The description of how to troubleshoot Qlik Sense using logs is based on "use cases", each of which corresponds to a typical user or system action, such as opening an app or stopping a task.

Each use case is described using the sections listed in the following table.

Section Description
Procedure This section lists the actions that are performed (and logged) by Qlik Sense when the use case is carried out.
Success This section lists the log files to which Qlik Sense writes log entries in case of success.

This section lists errors that may occur when the use case is performed.

It is recommended to check the <MachineName>_Service_<Service>.txt file in case of an error as all errors are logged in this file. Each error section also includes a description of the actions to perform in case of an error.

Note: For some use cases, there is no Error section. Information on errors will be added in future releases of the Qlik Sense documentation.