The License Enabler File (LEF) defines the terms of your license and the access types that you can allocate to users. There are two license types: one that is user-based and one that is token-based.

  • User-based license: you can allocate professional access and analyzer access. The LEF determines the distribution of the two access types.
  • Token-based license: you can allocate user access and login access. The LEF determines the number of tokens that you can allocate to the two access types.

An access type allows users to access streams and apps within a Qlik Sense site.

User-based licenses

User-based licenses grant a predefined number of professional and analyzer access allocations. The distribution of the access types is determined by the LEF.

Professional access

You allocate professional access to an identified user to allow the user to access streams and apps within a Qlik Sense site. The professional access is intended for users who need access to all features in a Qlik Sense installation. A user with professional access can create, edit, and publish sheets or apps, and make full use of the available features.

Analyzer access

You allocate analyzer access to an identified user to allow the user to access streams and apps in the hub. The analyzer access is intended for users who consume sheets and apps created by others. A user with analyzer access cannot create, edit, or publish sheets or apps, but can create stories based on data in apps.

Token-based licenses

Licensing allows you to manage the usage of the Qlik Sense software in your organization. The licensing in Qlik Sense is based on tokens, which you use to allocate access passes that give users access to Qlik Sense.There are different types of access passes to choose from and each type corresponds to a specific consumption model:

  • User access pass - assigned to unique and identified users allowing them unlimited use of Qlik Sense apps.
  • Login access pass - allocates a block of passes to a group for infrequent or anonymous access. Allows full access for a limited period.

For more information on types of access passes and the consumption model, seeĀ Managing licenses.

Note: You cannot use QlikView licenses with Qlik Sense as the tokens are not compatible with the Client Access Licenses (CALs) used in QlikView.

Every Qlik Sense site needs at least one License Enabler File (LEF). This file defines the number of tokens available in your site, which you can manage from the central node. When you enter the correct serial number and control number in the Qlik Management Console (QMC) and click Apply, the LEF is automatically downloaded. If you do not have a network connection, you can paste the LEF directly into the LEF text box on the Site license properties page in the QMC.

If you purchase more tokens, they are added to the pool of unallocated tokens that you can use to allocate access passes in Qlik Sense. As you use up your tokens, any unallocated tokens are removed. However, any tokens that are freed up by the removal of access passes cannot be used for new allocations until the number of allocated tokens drops below the number set in the LEF.

For more information about the LEF, see License Enabler File.

Note: If you want to set up Qlik Cloud Services or Qlik Sense Enterprise for elastic deployments, please contact your Qlik representative or Qlik Support to obtain an updated LEF that is required for the setup.