Playing a story

You can play a story as it would be presented to an audience. There are controls for you to navigate back and forth through the slides. On a slide with a live data sheet inserted, you must first click the sheet before you can start making selections in it.

Entering play

Do the following:

  • In storytelling view, click U above the timeline.

The story is opened in the full browser view and is ready to play on the current slide.

Tip: You can also start playing a story by long-touching/right-clicking it in the app overview or the story navigator, and selecting Play from the shortcut menu.
Note: On a touch device you can zoom in and out on the slide by using the pinch touch gesture. When you zoom in, you cannot make selections in live data sheets.

Showing data point information

Do the following:

  • Hover over a data point to display a tool tip with data point information.

Showing slide number

Do the following:

  • Click ¥ at the bottom of the slide to show which slide you are currently viewing and the total number of slides in the story: <current slide number> of <total number of slides>.

Navigating between slides

Do the following:

  1. Click ¥ at the bottom of the slide.
  2. Click ê and ë to navigate between the slides.
Note: On a touch device you swipe the slide left or right. On a computer you can use the keyboard arrow keys or the space key.

Interacting with a live data sheet

To interact and make selections in a live data sheet you need to click somewhere on the sheet first.

Do the following:

  • Click on the live data sheet.

The sheet is now possible to make selections.

Note: You disable the possibility to make selections by clicking outside the live data sheet, or by navigating to another slide.

For more information, see Selecting in a live data sheet.

Exporting a story

Do the following:

  1. Click ¥ at the bottom of the slide.
  2. Click r.

    The PowerPoint settings dialog opens.

For more information, see Exporting a story.

Closing play

Do the following:

  • To close play either click E or press Esc.

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