Data model viewer

The data model viewer provides you with an overview of the data structure of an app. You can view detailed metadata about the tables and fields. You can also create dimensions and measures from the data fields.

Note: Direct Discovery tables are indicated by ÿ. For more information, see Accessing large data sets with Direct Discovery.
The data model viewer displays an overview of the data structure of an app.

Data model viewer.

A: The toolbar

The toolbar contains the navigation menu, the global menu and other useful commands.

Toolbar options
UI item Description

Navigation menu with options App overview, Data manager, Data load editor and and Open hub.

Open hub is not shown if the hub has been disabled by your administrator.

¨ Global menu with the options Help and About.
Save Save changes.
Show or hide app information, where you can choose to edit app information or open app options and style your app.
t Collapse all tables to show the table name only.
å Reduce the size of all tables to show the table name and all fields with associations to other tables.
s Expand all tables to show all fields.
+ Internal table view - the Qlik Sense data model including synthetic fields.
7 Source table view - the data model of the source data tables.
ì Layout menu with the options Grid layout, Auto layout and Restore layout.
j Open and close the preview pane.

B: Overview

An overview of all tables and fields in the app, and of the associations between them. You can change the zoom level by clicking Y, Z or using the slider. Click ü to restore the zoom level to 1:1.

You can lock the table layout (positions and sizes), by clicking [. To unlock the table layout, click \.

For more information, see Viewing the data model.

C: Preview pane

The preview pane with details about the tables and fields.

For more information, see Preview of tables and fields in the data model viewer.

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