Chi2Test_p - chart function

Chi2Test_p() returns the aggregated chi2-test p value (significance) for one or two series of values. The test can be done either on the values in actual_value, testing for variations within the specified col and row matrix, or by comparing values in actual_value with corresponding values in expected_value, if specified.

If the function is used in the data load script, the values are iterated over a number of records as defined by a group by clause.

If the function is used in a chart expression, the values are iterated over the chart dimensions.

Note: All Qlik Sense chi2 -test functions have the same arguments.


Chi2Test_p(col, row, actual_value[, expected_value])

Return data type: numeric


Argument Description
col, row The specified column and row in the matrix of values being tested.
actual_value The observed value of the data at the specified col and row.
expected_value The expected value for the distribution at the specified col and row.


Text values, NULL values and missing values in the expression value will result in the function returning NULL.


Chi2Test_p( Grp, Grade, Count )     

Chi2Test_p( Gender, Description, Observed, Expected )