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This setting defines if weeks are broken or not.



By default, Qlik Sense functions use unbroken weeks. This means that:

  • In some years, week 1 starts in December, and in other years, week 52 or 53 continues into January.
  • Week 1 always has at least 4 days in January.

The alternative is to use broken weeks:

  • Week 52 or 53 do not continue into January.
  • Week 1 starts on January 1 and is, in most cases, not a full week.

The following values can be used:

  • 0 (=use unbroken weeks)
  • 1 (= use broken weeks)


Set BrokenWeeks=0; //(use unbroken weeks)

Set BrokenWeeks=1; //(use broken weeks)

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