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Deleting a variable


Deleting a variable

You can delete variables, from an unpublished app, by deleting them from the variables overview.

  1. When editing a sheet, click Variables in the edit bar on the sheet to open the variables overview.

    The variables overview opens.

  2. Select the variable you want to delete.

    Information noteIf you want to delete a variable that is defined in the script, you must edit the script. If you remove a variable from the script and reload the data, the variable stays in the app. If you want to fully remove the variable from the app, you must also delete the variable from the variables overview.

    The details of the variable are displayed.

    Information noteDeleting a variable cannot be undone.
  3. Click Delete.

    A confirmation message is displayed, asking if you are sure you want to delete the variable.

  4. Click OK.

The variable is deleted.

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