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This statement creates a unique integer value for each distinct evaluated value in a field encountered during the script execution.

You can also use the autonumber - script function function inside a LOAD statement, but this has some limitations when you want to use an optimized load. You can create an optimized load by loading the data from a QVD file first, and then using the AutoNumber statement to convert values to symbol keys.


AutoNumber *fieldlist [Using namespace] ]


Argument Description

A comma-separated list of the fields where the values should be replaced by a unique integer value.

You can use wildcard characters ? and * in the field names to include all fields with matching names. You can also use * to include all fields. You need to quote field names when wildcards are used.


Using namespace is optional. You can use this option if you want to create a namespace, where identical values in different fields share the same key.

If you do not use this option, all fields will have a separate key index.


When you have several LOAD statements in the script, you need to place the AutoNumber statement after the final LOAD statement.