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Aggregation functions

The family of functions known as aggregation functions consists of functions that take multiple field values as their input and return a single result, where the aggregation is defined by a chart dimension or a group by clause in the script.

Aggregation functions include Sum(), Count(), Min(), Max(), and many more.

Most aggregation functions can be used in both the data load script and chart expressions, but the syntax differs.

Using aggregation functions in a data load script

Aggregation functions can only be used inside LOAD statements..

Using aggregation functions in chart expressions

The expression must not contain aggregation functions, unless these inner aggregations contain the TOTAL qualifier. For more advanced nested aggregations, use the advanced function Aggr, in combination with calculated dimensions.

An aggregation function aggregates over the set of possible records defined by the selection. However, an alternative set of records can be defined by using a set expression in set analysis.

Set analysis