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What's new in Qlik Sense May 2021

Augmented analytics

Insight Advisor Chat improvements

In this release, we have made several enhancements to Insight Advisor Chat including improved narratives in question responses, a refined UI for question parsing, and more intelligent app selections when responding to questions.

Enabling apps for Insight Advisor Chat

Insight Advisor Search

We have made several improvements to our search-based analysis within Qlik Sense apps, including:

  • Analysis of change over time – Insight Advisor will now generate multiple charts for a single analysis type, such as responding with analysis of data between two date periods through a combination of charts.

  • Natural language generation (NLG) – Visual charts generated by Insight Advisor Search now have a new option to view narrative insights and interpretations of the data.

Creating visualizations with Insight Advisor

Insight Advisor analysis types


New host for satellite tiles

Due to API changes at our satellite tile provider, the host that is used for fetching satellite background data will change from to .

The switch took place on December 7, 2021 and should not be noticeable to most users. However, customers who restrict domains with their firewall will need to allow this new domain after the transition. If your maps are not functioning as expected, contact your Qlik administrator. They might need to allow this new service.

Video player

The video player visualization lets you embed videos from external sources directly in Qlik Sense apps. This visualization now supports YouTube videos.

Video player

Active chart and grid dimensions

Enhanced capabilities added to grid dimensions for your visualizations, which helps better identify chart location and associated dimensions on the design canvas. There is a new indicator on the bottom right side of an object which contains these added dimensions and coordinates when moving or resizing chart objects on your design canvas.


New and improved combo chart

An improved combo chart is now available, with enhanced functionality including support for vertical presentation, reference lines based on measures and dimensions, and line and bar styling.

Reference lines

Combo chart

Scripting help improvements

Set analysis

Set analysis lets you define a set (or group) of data values different from the normal set defined by the current selections. This is useful if you want to compare the current selection with a particular value. For example, last year’s value or the global market share.

The set analysis documentation in Qlik Sense Help has been expanded and now includes examples.

Set analysis

Dollar-sign expansions

Dollar-sign expansions are definitions of text replacements used in scripts or in expressions.

Qlik Sense Help has added new examples to the dollar-sign expansion documentation. To test sample load scripts and visualizations, see:


New Databricks ODBC Connector

To support the growing popularity of Databricks, a Qlik strategic partner, Qlik Sense now includes a pre-configured connector for Databricks, including the new Spark 3.0 engine. Utilizing the Databricks SQL Analytics service, the Databricks Connector enables Qlik Sense users to easily include data in Databricks to gain a comprehensive view of their business as well as generate new insights and data-driven actions.

Connecting to data sources

New Azure Synapse  Connector

Qlik continues to expand the number of data sources that users can directly access by introducing a new connector for Azure Synapse Analytics.

Connecting to data sources


Support for Microsoft Edge

Support for Microsoft Edge mobile browser on iOS and Android.

Windows 10 phone

Platform and administration

Self-service task management

Users now have ability to create and edit tasks as part their hub experience for improved management and scheduling.

Managing apps

Enhanced ODAG performance

ODAG performance enhanced by increasing the maximum concurrent ODAG requests from 10 to 50, making it easier for large user groups to leverage ODAG collectively.

On-demand apps

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