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inmonthstodate - script and chart function

This function finds if a timestamp falls within the part a period of the month, bi-month, quarter, tertial, or half-year up to and including the last millisecond of base_date. It is also possible to find if the timestamp falls within a previous or following time period.


InMonths (n_months, timestamp, base_date, period_no[, first_month_of_year ])

Return data type: Boolean


Argument Description

The number of months that defines the period. An integer or expression that resolves to an integer that must be one of: 1 (equivalent to the inmonth() function), 2 (bi-month), 3 (equivalent to the inquarter() function), 4 (tertial), or 6 (half year).

timestamp The date that you want to compare with base_date.
base_date Date that is used to evaluate the period.

The period can be offset by period_no, an integer, or expression resolving to an integer, where the value 0 indicates the period that contains base_date. Negative values in period_no indicate preceding periods and positive values indicate succeeding periods.


If you want to work with (fiscal) years not starting in January, indicate a value between 2 and 12 in first_month_of_year.