Configuring the certificate validation policy for the Qlik Sense Mobile app

The certificate validation policy applies when Qlik Sense is deployed over SSL, and the Qlik Sense Mobile app encounters invalid certificates from a Qlik Sense server that has been added to the hub list by the device user.

Note: You can configure the certificate settings from your EMM console.

Do the following:

  1. Make sure the Qlik Sense Mobile app has been installed on the device.
  2. If the Qlik Sense server has a certificate that is not signed by a trusted certificate authority, make sure that the certificate that was used to sign the server certificate is added to the list of trusted certificate authorities for the device either manually or using your EMM.

    1. Configure the certificate from your EMM console.

      If your EMM console does not have this functionality, you can use this software to make the edits and then upload the changes to your EMM console:

      The available settings are:

      • Ask user
      • Always allow
      • Always reject
    2. Push the changes to the device.

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