Site license

Before you can begin working with the Qlik Management Console (QMC), you need to enter your license information. If the license information has expired, you need to update it.

You have two options when entering your license, you either use a serial number and a control number, or a signed license key. The analyzer capacity license requires a signed license key.

The License Enabler File (LEF) determines the number of available tokens for a Qlik Sense site. The access types determine the access pattern within a Qlik Sense site. Allocating access types to users reduces the number of available tokens.

The property group Site license contains properties related to the license for the Qlik Sense system. All fields are mandatory and must not be empty.

Property name Description
Owner name The user name of the Qlik Sense product owner.
Owner organization The name of the organization that the Qlik Sense product owner is a member of.
Serial number The serial number assigned to the Qlik Sense software.
Control number The control number assigned to the Qlik Sense software.
LEF access The License Enabler File (LEF) assigned to the Qlik Sense software.

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