Show/hide container extension

The show/hide container is a visualization extension that lets you show or hide master visualizations based on conditions. It is included in Dashboard bundle.

Note: This visualization extension is replaced by the container object. For more information see: Container

When to use it

The show/hide container is useful when you want to show different visualizations based on, for example:

  • Which user is accessing the chart.
  • The value of a variable.
  • Possible number of values in a field, by using the GetPossibleCount() function in the condition expression.

Creating a show/hide container

You can create a show/hide container on the sheet you are editing. You need to have at least two master visualizations that you have created.

Do the following:

  1. From the assets panel, under Custom objects > Dashboard bundle drag a Show/hide container object to the sheet.
  2. Click Add Visualization under Visualizations in the property panel.
  3. Select a master visualization in Master Object.

  4. Add a show condition for the chart in Show Condition for Chart. Typically you would use an If() function.

    if - script and chart function

  5. Add another visualization with a different show condition.

You will now have two visualizations in Visualizations. If the condition of a chart results in 1, it is shown, and if it is 0, it is hidden. The container can only show one chart, so if both conditions are 1, the first chart is shown. If all chart conditions are 0, all charts will be hidden.


For information about general limitations, see Limitations of extension bundles supplied by Qlik.

You cannot use a master visualization that contains a show/hide container inside another show/hide container.

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