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Number interpretation variables

Number interpretation variables are system defined, that is, they are automatically generated according to the current regional settings of the operating system when a new app is created. In Qlik Sense Desktop, this is according to the settings of the computer operating system, and in Qlik Sense, it is according to the operating system of the server where Qlik Sense is installed.

The variables are included at the top of the script of the new Qlik Sense app and substitute operating system defaults for certain number formatting settings at the time of the script execution. They can be deleted, edited or duplicated freely.

Tip: If you want to create an app for a certain locale, the easiest way is probably to use Qlik Sense Desktop on a computer with the desired locale setting in the operating system to create the app. The app will then contain the appropriate regional settings of that locale, and you can move it to a Qlik Sense server of choice for further development.

Use the drop-down on each function to see a brief description and the syntax of each function. Click the function name in the syntax description for further details.

Currency formatting

Number formatting

Time formatting

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