Adding data to the app

You can add data to your app quickly. Open the Data manager and then click ú. You can also click Add data in the ¨ menu. You are also prompted to add data when you create a new app. When you are editing a sheet, you can also click Add in the Fields panel to add data.

Note: The add data options and data sources that are available to you depend on your Qlik Sense platform and configuration.
Add data view in Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows


Attached files. Platforms: Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, Qlik Sense Cloud Business. Click to view the files that are attached to the app. You can load data from these files.

Manual entry. Platforms: All. Click to create a table in-app and add it to Data manager.

File locations

Data Files. Platforms: Qlik Cloud Services, Kubernetes, Qlik Sense Cloud Business.

Shared data files. Platforms: Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows. This folder appears if your administrator has defined a network folder that contains shared files.

My computer. Platforms: Qlik Sense Desktop

Click to upload a data file, or to add data from a file that has already been uploaded.

Data connections

Platforms: All.

Displays connections that have been created to an external data source. The connection appears after it has been created under Connect to a new data source.

Click a connection to add data to the app.

Data content

Qlik DataMarket. Platforms: Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, Qlik Sense Cloud Business, Qlik Sense Desktop.

The Qlik DataMarket sources that are available to you depend on your subscription.

Click to add data to the app.

Attach files to this app

Click to attach a file to the app.

Connect to a new data source

Click to create a connection to a new data source.

Add data

Click to add data to an app. The button is enabled after you have created a connection and selected your data to load. You can add data with profiling enabled or disabled. Data profiling is recommended and enabled by default. Click ¥ to disable data profiling.

Which data sources are available to me?

What data source types are available to you depends on a number of factors:

  • Access settings

    Administrator settings determine which types of data sources you can connect to.

  • Installed connectors

    Qlik Sense contains built-in support for many data sources. Built-in connectors are installed automatically by Qlik Sense. To connect to additional data sources you may need to install connectors separately that are specifically for those data sources. Such separately installed connectors are supplied by Qlik or a third party.

  • Local file availability

    Local files on your desktop computer are only available in Qlik Sense Desktop. They are not available for use with a server installation of Qlik Sense.

    Tip: If you have local files that you want to load on a server installation of Qlik Sense, you need to attach the files to the app, or transfer the files to a folder available to the Qlik Sense server, preferably a folder that is already defined as a folder data connection.

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