Comparing versions of Qlik Sense

There are some differences between Qlik Sense Desktop and Qlik Sense Enterprise:

  • You can only run Qlik Sense Desktop on your local Windows computer - use of multiple screens or tablets, for example, is not supported.
  • Apps cannot be published in Qlik Sense Desktop, and because of this, there is no support for streams.
  • You can share apps using Qlik Sense Cloud.
  • Security functionality is not supported in Qlik Sense Desktop.
  • There is no autosave function in Qlik Sense Desktop- you have to save your work manually by clicking Save in the toolbar. The app is automatically saved when reloading the script.
  • Duplicating apps is not supported in Qlik Sense Desktop.
  • Qlik Sense Desktop will run in the language of your operating system and the language cannot be altered.

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