Downloading visualizations in the cloud hub

You can download visualizations in cloud hub apps as images or PDF files in the cloud hub. You can also download the data in a visualization as an xlsx file. When you download a visualization in a sheet, the Download dialog opens, enabling you to configure your image or PDF.

By default, an image will contain the current view of the displayed data or details. You can customize the amount of data or details displayed in an image by adjusting width and height of the image. The preview of the image adjusts as you make your changes. Qlik Sense generates images in the .png format.

When downloading PDFs, you can select the paper size, set the PDF to landscape or portrait, and adjust the scale of the visualization in the PDF. The previewed PDF adjusts as you make your changes. In the preview pane, you can additionally rotate, download, and print the previewed PDF.

When you choose to download the data in visualization, the Download dialog generates an xlsx file you can download. For the number of row, column, and cell limitations of an Excel export file, see ExportData method.

The following type of objects cannot be exported:

  • Filter panes
  • Sheet titles

In addition, you cannot download the data from a map visualization.


You can download a visualization extension (custom object) as an image.


You must allow pop-ups in your browser to download visualizations.

Do the following:

  1. Right-click the visualization and click Download Download.
  2. Select Image, PDF, or Data and configure your download.
  3. Click Download.

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