Frac - script and chart function

Frac() returns the fraction part of x.

The fraction is defined in such a way that Frac(x ) + Floor(x ) = x. In simple terms this means that the fractional part of a positive number is the difference between the number (x) and the integer that precedes it.

For example: The fractional part of 11.43 = 11.43 - 11 = 0.43

For a negative number, say -1.4, Floor(-1.4) = -2, which produces the following result:

The fractional part of -1.4 = -1.4 - (-2) = -1.4 + 2 = 0.6



Return data type: numeric


Argument Description
x Number to return fraction for.

Examples and results:  

Examples Results
Frac( 11.43 )

Returns 0.43

Frac( -1.4 )

Returns 0.6

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