What’s new in Qlik SenseJune 2018?

Create, Discover, Collaborate

Insight advisor

Insight advisor is an AI capability that suggests the most relevant insights and visualizations for users to consider and explore. Insight advisor is powered by Qlik Cognitive Engine, which auto-generates and prioritizes relevant insights and analytics based on Qlik's proprietary algorithms. Creators of apps can use Insight advisor to find insights in the data they load into Qlik Sense and evaluate these insights for the overall data set, dimensions in the data, or search criteria to target specific areas. Insights are contextually aware and work with Qlik’s associative engine.

Creating visualizations from your data using insight advisor

Accelerated self-service

  • Alternative chart suggestions: Qlik Cognitive engine now provides a number of alternative charts in the property panel to complement the initial recommendation.

  • Switch dimensions and measures: you can now switch dimensions and measures in the property panel with a simple drag and drop.
  • You can now quickly change between common aggregation methods using a drop-down menu in the property panel.

Advanced authoring

  • Qlik Sense sheets can now be extended vertically to a scrollable mode.
  • Grid size can now be changed in sheets with existing objects.

Structuring an app using sheets

New capabilities in the Expression Editor

Qlik Sense Expression editor now has improved usability:

  • Fields: create statistical aggregation functions based on field data. Two check boxes allow you to independently insert Distinct and Total clauses in statistical aggregation functions.
  • Functions: use this control to enter general Qlik Sense functions into an expression.

  • Variables: use this control to insert variables into an expression. When a variable is selected, a preview of its definition and value appears

Expression editor

Filtering data from files

With Qlik Sense June 2018 you can create filtering conditions for the field content in your files. These filters are automatically applied into the script when loading data in Data manager.

Filtering data

Visualizations and mapping

  • Line layers are now available in the multi-layer map chart.


  • You can now show and hide specific columns in a straight table using expression conditions.
  • The mini graph used for scrolling can now be turned off for line charts, bar charts, and combo charts.

Improved app management from the hub

Qlik Sense June 2018 brings new and improved capabilities to how you manage apps from the hub:

  • You can now republish an app that you have already published, from the hub. Create a duplicate of your published app first, make your changes, and then republish it back to the same stream as the published app. The stream will be automatically selected from the system based on the app name.

    Republishing an app from the hub.

  • A new dedicated section for published apps has been added to the hub. Within this section you can still create an app duplicate and then use the new Republishing an app from the hub capability to publish your changes back to your users.
  • The app owner can now approve community sheets of a published app and add them to the list of base sheets. The app owner can also decide to unapprove base sheets to the Community section.

    Adding sheets to the base sheets of an app

    Removing sheets from the base sheets of an app


To further improve Qlik Sense accessibility, the following features have been implemented:

Accessible Qlik Help site

The following accessibility improvements have been implemented for the entire Qlik Help site, help.qlik.com:

  • Users can now navigate and interact with the help site using keyboard keys and shortcuts.

  • UI elements, text, search on, and images support zooming, resizing and screen magnifiers.
  • Text, icons and images are compliant with accessibility standards for contrast and readability.

Deploy and Administer


With Qlik Sense June 2018, you can distribute apps developed in Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows to Qlik Cloud Services and Qlik Sense Enterprise for elastic deployments to be consumed in the new cloud hub. Qlik Sense Enterprise for Windows and the cloud environment are managed using a single license and sign-on.

For an appropriate license and detailed information, please contact your Qlik representative or Qlik Support.


Support for BlackBerry Access browser.

With Qlik SenseJune 2018, you can now access Qlik Sense and consume apps from a mobile device that uses a BlackBerry Access browser. A BlackBerry Dynamics deployment must be set up by an administrator for your users. For information about how to set up and use BlackBerry Access to connect to Qlik Sense, see the support article Connecting to Qlik Sense using BlackBerry Access.

Qlik Connectors

With Qlik Sense June 2018, five new connectors have been added to the ODBC connectors package. All connectors listed here are updated to the latest version of OpenSSL.

  • Presto: the PrestoDB Connector enables you to create connections that query all the data sources in an environment that have been configured with Presto.

The following connectors are available in beta version:

  • Apache Drill: the Apache Drill Connector provides access to non-relational data stores.

  • Apache Phoenix: the Apache Phoenix Connector provides access to relational data stores.

  • Apache Spark: the Apache Spark Connector is used for direct SQL and HiveQL access to Apache Hadoop/Spark distributions.

  • MongoDB: the MongoDB Connector gives access to MongoDB, which is a NoSQL database program.