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What's new in Qlik Sense September 2020

Augmented intelligence

New search-based visual analysis chart types

When generating insights in search-based visual analysis, Insight Advisor will now auto-generate several new types of visualizations. These include:

  • Cluster Chart – Shows clusters using the new k-means clustering function.
  • Correlation Chart – Shows correlations using the correlation function.
  • Control Chart – Shows how a process changes over time.

Search-based visual analysis on mobile devices

Search-based visual insight generation is now available on handheld mobile devices.  This provides a more intuitive means of creating new analytics and insights on small form factors, as opposed to traditional authoring.  It is available on handheld devices through the browser-based user interface.

Exploring apps on a small screen

Advanced analytics calculation - K-means clustering

With this release, advanced analytics calculations on-board the Qlik Associative Engine are being introduced.  The first function available is k-means clustering - allowing data points to be grouped into clusters based on similarity.  This is a highly useful function for customer segmentation, fraud detection, and many other use cases. 

Ranking and clustering functions

KMeans2D - chart function

KMeansND - chart function

Visual analytics improvements

Improved reference lines

Bar and line charts now include dimension based (vertical) reference lines with formatted labels, useful for enhancing charts with added detail along a time axis (such as start and end dates of important events)

Reference lines

Bar chart properties

Line chart properties

Animator control

The Animator control gives users the ability to animate changing data over time by auto-selecting values in any dimension and playing them in a loop, with or without aggregation.

Other chart improvements

  • Number formatting of master measures
  • Turn on and off borders in containers
  • Custom sorting in Sankey Chart
  • Frequency counts in filter pane
  • WMS (web map service) layer opacity
  • Hover icons toggle

Administration improvements

App distribution

QSEoW now supports app distribution from a multi-node deployment into a Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS tenant.

App distribution status

QMC status page

The status page offers a better way to understand and monitor app distributions, such as showing the user a link to their Multi-Cloud Setup Console.

App distribution status

Self-service hub improvements

Table view in the hub presents a scalable and easy to use app manager. The following features are included:

  • Columns for name, description, owner, published (when applicable), Data last reloaded (when applicable), details
  • Sort by clicking on the column headers
  • Keyboard shortcut just like grid (Ctrl + g) and list view (Ctrl + Shift + l)
  • Navigate with keyboard
  • Support for Qlik-supported screen readers

The hub

Other improvements

Support for NFS protocol

When installing Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows, you can connect to a file store through the Network File System (NFS) protocol. With NFS support, you can use a Linux-based file store, for example, when using Google Cloud Platform.

Creating an NFS file share

Data literacy built-in

Qlik has focused on our vision for a data-literate world. As part of this mission, and keeping first-time users in mind, new capabilities have been added within Qlik Sense to assist and educate users about their data.  For first-time users, these capabilities help explain data concepts unique to Qlik to expedite their onboarding and shorten the time to insights, including more context for chart creation and additional explanation for dimensions/measures.

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